Orc Berserker


A lone orc warrior from the Hold of Belkzen, Grom abandoned the savage hordes of his homeland for a life of solitude, searching a powerful master to serve and learn from. While traveling through the wilds of Varisia, he happened upon the survivors of the Thistletop goblin tribe. The goblins told him of one who slew their chieftain without laying a finger on him. Following these rumors, Grom discovered the one whom he sought: the ruthless half-elven mage, Seltyiel. Grom now serves Seltyiel as his personal cohort.

Grom is shifty, vengeful, and ill-tempered, but thoroughly loyal to his master (and none other). He is a master of melee combat; when he enters battle, howling in rage and swinging his greataxe, he is a terror to behold.


Rise of the Runelords (Paizo Pathfinder Adventure Path) Filby